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The Company offers a full range of the accounting and management solutions for the trading enterprises, markets, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels. The head office is located in Kaunas, while sales and technical maintenance branches have been set up in other biggest Lithuanian cities - Vilnius, Klaipėda.

Company has been operating successfully in Lithuanian five years long with 1,2 millions euros annual turnover. SPS operate in Lithuanian market from Focusing on activity areas offering good prospects and strategic investment of profit enabled the Company to consolidate its position in the information technologies market in Lithuania.

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During five years of activity, SPS implemented a lot of various projects in Lithuania. Currently, over companies and institutions in our country use the developed solutions and technical services of SPS.

SPS is a partner that creates unique solutions, implements effective systems and pc connect sistemų prekyba įsk their support; it is a partner that may offer a full range of services necessary to a company wishing to use the advantages of IT in the commerce enterprises, markets, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels.

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Development and implementation of IT solutions that modernize business processes is one of the activity lines of SPS Ltd.

Lithuania will become a member of European Union on May Supplying, implementation and technical maintenance of electronic trade equipment is core activity of the Company.

Our customers are small shops and supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants networks — all who needs complex solutions in trade.

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This includes warranty and post-warranty repairs, preventive maintenance of equipment, computer network administration and consulting, training and other services. SPS has experience in such areas as accounting, management and monitoring, information systems, etc.